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Picture Frame Clamping

 Clamping your moulding

The first step to creating your own picture frames is a good clamp. We find the best way to join a frame is to be able to clamp all 4 corners of your frame together at the same time. Our StrapClamp will allow you to clamp frames upto 1.2m square as it comes with a 5m steel strap as standard. 

We can supply you with a 9m steel Strap Clamp if you have larger framing projects. 

The advantage of the Strap Clamp is that you can see all the four corners of the frame clamped together before joining. So alignment of the corners is easy.

We also recommend you use a little bit of good quality wood glue in each corner before clamping your moulding.

With over 40 years’ experience, our expert team can assist with all inquiries regarding picture frame supplies. If you can’t find the products you need, simply contact us online for assistance. 

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