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Picture Framing Consumerables


At we have a a variety of consumables available for the DIY market to help with all your framing projects.



V-Nails are used to join frames, and are inserted in to the corner of each frame - one near the rebate and in the middle. You should only need to use 2 V-Nails per corner.

If you have a very large frame with wide rebate you can stack 2 V-Nails.

V-Nails come in handy strips with silicone coating on the sharp side. Make sure when inserting V-Nails you put the silicone side in first.

V-Nails come in 3/4, 1/4 and 5/8 sizes.



Flexipoints are used for fitting up your picture frame, i.e. keeping the glass, mat, image and backing board into the frame. The advantage of using flexipoints is that you can change the image you are framing.

Flexipoints are inserted with a Pushmaster. Simply put one on the end of the Pushmaster in the designated slot, lay flat agains the backing board and push towards the frame.


Springs and Magnets

The Pushmaster comes with a spring and magnet with which you push in the V-Nails and Flexipoints. As they are loose items occasionally they get dropped or lost. Replacements springs or magnets are available at


Jumper Tacks

Jumper Tacks are the ideal aid to framing memorabilia. They can be used to hold sports tops, t-shirts and other such memorabilia in place.


Vacu Bag

Designed by the Vacu Bag makes mounting down posters, prints, and photos easy to do. Simply use a self adhesive foam board, spray glue or roll on pva to mount down your images easily and professionally.


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