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Picture Framing Kits


Buy Picture Framing Kits Online is your one-stop location for picture framing kits and supplies. Our experts have over 40 years’ experience and can assist with all your framing inquiries. We can even help you buy picture framing kits online, which will ensure the perfect look.

We have picture framing kits to suit all skill levels and budgets, with the biggest range of high quality brands and products. Take some time to browse our selection of picture frame kits now.


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What are picture framing kits?

Picture frame kits the most cost-effective way to start DIY framing. It provides all the tools you need to get started making your own frames.

Generally, when you buy picture framing kits online, it will include:

  • Frame Cutters – this will help you get the straightest edges on your frame;
  • Frame Clamps – This is used to keep the frame edges aligned while joining;
  • Joiner – The easiest way to ensure a strong join of frame edges;
  • Mat Cutter – The mat lies between the frame and the central piece, so it’s important that the cut is straight and smooth.

You can learn more about the products in picture frame kits by visiting our Education Section.


What’s included in picture frame kits?


We offer a selection of picture framing kits to suit all applications. No matter what stage of the framing process you are at, we will have picture framing kits to match.

Below is a list of the main picture frame kits available:

If you are looking for specific tools that are not listed here, please contact us direct. We may be able to customize picture frame kits to suit your needs.


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Why buy picture framing kits online?

When you buy picture framing kits online, you don’t even need to leave the house – we’ll deliver to your door. Simply find the items you need, add them to your cart and complete the checkout process.

If you have any questions about what picture frame kits are right for you, you can contact us by phone or web form. Our experts have the experience and knowledge to help you find the perfect picture framing kits.


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