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Why Custom Framing?

 Why Custom Framing?

Custom Picture Framing allows you to choose a frame that will suit your image and your style and taste.

It also allows you to create frames of any size, not just standard sizes available in the shops. Artwork and nowadays photographs are not often a standard size, so often standard 'off the shelf' frames are not suitable.

Having the ability to create individual frames for each individual piece makes sure that your pieces are framed exactly how YOU want to them to be framed.

Custom framing your own pieces adds a higher level of satisfaction to each piece you create, in the knowledge that they are not only painted/photographed and developed the way you want, then end result is also exactly what you're after.

The materials you use to finish off your frames are acid free, which is not the case for a lot of shop bought frames, protecting your works of art for much much longer. The frames you create will also be of a much higher quality than mass produced shop frames.

Custom framing gives you the confidence that the job has been done properly using the right materials and frame that suits… by YOU! 

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