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With over 40 years' experience in the picture framing industry we design and manufacture our own picture framing tools. With such knowledge of what is required from DIY picture framing tools our tools are of the highest quality, reasonably prices and easy to use.

We have customers of every background and with lots of different skill levels, from professionals to hobby framers and occasional framers, from young photographers to retired people wanting to earn some money.

Have a look at the range of tools we provide.


Frame Cutting

Frame Joining

Mat Cutters


Tool Packages makes creating your own frames easy and economical for everyone, from hobby framer those wanting to set up their own picture framing business from home. We cover it all - from cutting and joining frames, to mat cutting and frame finishing. is dedicated to teaching people to do their own framing. With a wide range of online videos as well as ongoing online support from our team of experts we want to teach you how to frame like a professional.


So get DIY framing!