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Making Your Own Picture Frames - DIY Framing

Interested in making your own picture frames? can assist! is the one-stop location for anyone interested in making picture frames. We offer a range of guides to making frames for pictures, as well as DIY videos.

For those who want to learn more, we’ve covered a few of the basic fundamentals to making framed pictures below. If you are interested in specific areas, you can even click the link to find out more.

Once you’ve made your way through this section, you’ll be ready to start making picture frames – then all you need are the tools! is one of the leading online sellers of tools and equipment for making frames for pictures. When you’re ready, start browsing our product catalog and find everything you need to get started!

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A quick guide to making framed pictures

Making your own picture frames can be a fun and rewarding hobby. And once you’re good at making frames for pictures, it could even turn into a profitable profession. To get started, here is a quick guide of everything you need to learn about making picture frames.

Click on the areas below to read more. Once you’re ready to start making framed pictures, browse our catalog of framing equipment and tools.

Cutting Mats

The mat provides a colorful border around your painting or photo, and creates a much more professional-looking finish. If you’re interested in making frames for pictures, you will need to ensure you purchase a quality mat cutter.

Click here to find out more about mat cutting when making frames for pictures.

Frame Cutting & Clamping

When making framed pictures, cutting and clamping the frame is a very detailed process. A nice, clean cut will improve the overall look of your frame, and clamping will ensure the joins are aligned.

Click here for more information about frame cutting, and here for information about clamping.

Frame Finishing

The last step you need to know when making your own picture frames is finishing. This part of the process involves things such as attaching a backing board, cutting and applying the glass cover (optional) and the best way to hang your piece.

Click here for more information about frame finishing.

If you’ve already finished making your own picture frames, click here to learn about picture hanging.

Now you’re ready to start making your own picture frames!

Once you’re ready to start making picture frames, you need the right equipment. stocks everything you need to start making framed pictures and/or photos right away.

We have the equipment and tools for all skill levels, whether you own a small framing business or are making picture frames for the first time. Most importantly, as one of the leading online sellers of DIY framing products, we stock the biggest brands and offer the lowest prices.

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