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Hanging Pictures


How to hang your picture or photo frame

Your custom framed artworks should be hung so that the centre point of the picture - or group of pictures, is at about eye level for you and the other people living in the house. If your household is full of tall people then you would hang your pictures a little higher than a household of shorter people.

Relate the art to the wall size. Choose smaller pictures for small wall spaces and larger works or groups of larger pictures for large wall areas. You should also relate the pictures to the surroundings. Pictures placed in a row above a sofa will create a unified look and add length to the area. When hanging a picture over a piece of furniture, it often looks more balanced if the artwork is about two thirds of the width of the furniture piece.


Bigger is often better!

One large painting or framed photo can make a bold statement, add a decorative flair, and yet keep the design simple. This arrangement can call attention to the focal point of the room, which is often the fireplace, creating the ambience you wish to achieve.

Create a formal look with symmetrical groupings of images hung to form a rectangle or square shape on your wall space. An informal look can be created with a scattered arrangement of the pictures.


Where not to hang your picture and photo frames

Try not to hang any pictures directly opposite a large window which received a lot of sunshine. Prolonged exposure to direct or even strong indirect sunlight increases the chance of fading and discoloring due to harmful UV rays. Windows also cause considerable reflection on the glass of your pictures making it difficult to see your artworks. If you need to use non reflective glass to reduce the amount of reflection, then you should consider moving the picture. The non reflective glass will not eliminate the harmful UV rays so your pictures will still fade.


Storing and moving your picture and photo frames

Always store your pictures vertically and the right way up. Place them front to front to protect the frame surfaces from being scratched.

When moving house ensure your pictures are wrapped to prevent damage in transit. Towels and blankets make great protection.