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Frame Finishing

Finishing your frames ready to hang


Your frame has been joined and your mat and backing board cut to size. You are now ready assemble your work into your frame and finish it off.

You will need glass to finish your frame. You can either take your frame to your local glazier or cut your own glass with the diyframed glass cutter and rule. 

Glass tip: Take your assembled frame with you if a glazier is cutting your glass for you - that way he can measure the size more easily and in the frame is a better way to transport your glass home.

Fome Core (or your backing) is the ideal backing board as it is light weight, acid free and easy to cut. Place the empty frame face down and insert the glass, then the matted picture and lastly the backing board.

 Use the  PushMaster to insert backing nails or flexi points into the back of the frame to hold everything in place.

 Use  Backing Nails for larger frames and heavy items.  Flexi points are flexible and ideal for needlework or when you want to re move the picture, eg. photo frames.

To seal the artwork in the frame, tape over the backing nails or flexipoints using a good quality backing tape. This will prevent dust, condensation or insects getting into the picture.

To hang your picture, use d-rings and wire. 

You have now completed your picture framing project.

Our range of safe and easy to use tools enables anybody to easily frame their own pictures with a professional finish.