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Why DIY frame instead of buying ready made frames?

Creating your own picture frames does not only give you the satisfaction of making your own frames, it is also a very cost effective way of getting your images framed and allows you to create mats and frames to the size you want without having to stick to standard sizes.


Is it easy to do your own framing?

Picture framing is not rocket science, and we have a full library of instruction videos to get you started. You can start as big or small as you feel comfortable with - cutting your own mats only, getting a local moulding supplier to cut your frames whilst you join them, getting your local glazier to cut your glass for you etc.

When you want to take on more and more aspects of creating your own frames you can easily add to the basic tool collection you already have.

We love to help, and you can email us any time with any questions you may have.


Do I have to cut my own moulding?

No. Most moulding supply companies will offer a 'Chop Service' - mitring your moulding to the size you need ready for you to join.


Do I have to get all the tools to get started?

No, you can start as big or little as you like. And you can easily add on over time. To start joining your frames we recommend you start with the Pushmaster and Strapclamp. You can add on a Benchmaster 1 and mat cutter if you want to cut your own mounts.


Can I run a picture framing business with your tools?

Yes you can, and many people do. A lot of people start by framing for themselves but word of mouth dictates that they are soon framing for other people as well, and so their home based business progressively grows.


What is the difference between a Guillotine Measuring System and a Mitre Saw Measuring System?

They are Measuring Systems both allowing you accurately measure the moulding you are about to mitre. One fits onto a Mitre Trimmer Guillotine and the other onto a Proman Saw, both of which are available from your local hardware store.


Who designs and makes the tools?

We do, they are all designed and made on site. 40 Years' experience in the picture framing industry has helped us creating the perfect tools for the DIY picture framer.