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At we believe in the more we teach you, the more you will enjoy your new hobby or business. This is why unlike others in the industry we believe education should be FREE! has put together 40 years of picture framing experience in our DIY How To Notes which can be printed off from the PDF list below. We also have our own Youtube Channel called so please take a look!

We will also soon be releasing a comprehensive YouTube library of How To videos which will cover everything from making your first frame to mounting embroideries and framing sports memorabilia.

Now there is no need to do those expensive courses that end in a hard sell at the end of the day. You can refer back to our education pages 24/7 and learn at your own pace!

If you have a suggestion for a How To Video or Note please email us at

How To Videos on YouTube

How to Mount Photos and Prints with a Vacu-Bag

How To Frame Your First Photo 

How To Block Mount a Photo

How To Stretch a Canvas or Tapestry

How to Make a Wrapped Mat

Frame Clamping strap

Frame Clamping cord

Frame Joining pushmaster

Frame Joining benchmaster

Frame Joining ezy framer

Frame Joining corner jack

Frame Finishing frame stop

Glass Cutting 

Mat Master 1060B/860B

Mat Master 810/1000

Mat Master Straight Cutter


How To Cut a Double and Triple Mat

Mat Master 501

Latest Framing News

Feeling Groovy..... V-groovy!

V-grooving is a great way to add the effect of a double or triple mat without using the mat board, making it a more cost effective way to give an image the same look.

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Get shirty!!!

- Jumpers, shirts and T-shirts always make for an interesting framing project. Tricky at times, but satisfying all at the same. If you are doing your...

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Why should I cut my own mats?

- Yes, why should you? It takes time and is just another thing you have to learn....     But I think the benefits out way...

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