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DIY Picture Framing Education

 Want to do your own picture framing?

It’s now easier than ever to design a frame and create it from scratch, thanks to Our online videos can teach you everything you need to know about DIY framing, with information pages, videos and neat little tips to get you started.

We’ll walk you through each of the steps, helping you design a picture frame, select the products you need and then how to assemble and finish your piece. With over 60 years’ experience, it’s never been quicker or easier to design your own picture frame. 

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Stuck on a certain project? Email us for FREE advice, We're here to help! supply picture framing tools for every level - from the absolute beginner to the intermediate and professional picture framers. We have a wide range of kits available to help you get started or expand your existing picture framing business. 

Take some time to browse our range and get ready to design your own picture frame now.