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Learn How to Create Your Own Picture Frames

 Learn how to create picture frames online - it's FREE! has all the resources you need to create your own picture frame. We have produced a range of interactive learning guides, DIY video tutorials and information so you can learn to frame online.

No matter what your skill level is, whether you’re a professional picture frame creator or just learning how to create your own picture frame for fun, we can help you create a stylish frame to enhance all types of pictures and photos.

At we not only supply but also design and manufacture the majority of our picture framing tools. 60 years experience in the picture framing industry has given us the knowledge and insight into making our tools efficient and easy to use.

Our tools are manufactured using the best quality materials. Most importantly, we have kits and solutions to suit all budgets and all experience levels, so creating your own picture frames has never been more affordable.


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Learn about creating picture frames online

More and more people are learning new skills and hobbies online. is the best online resource for learning how to become a picture framer. We take you through each of the steps individually, so you can take the time to understand each element.

Take the time to browse each of the sections below and feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Once you’ve completed each of the sections, you’ll be ready to start creating picture frames of all shapes and sizes.


Selecting and cutting mats

Click here to find out more about selecting and cutting mats.


Frame Cutting and Clamping

Click here to read more about frame cutting.


Finishing Your Frame

This is the last step you need to learn and you can start creating picture frames. Frame finishing is things such as cutting and affixing a glass cover, to preserve your piece, adding backing board and also sealing the frame. These are all things that a professional frame creator will use to ensure the longest life of the frame.

Click here to learn more about frame finishing.