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Why DIY Picture Framing?

 Save money

The obvious reason to start doing your own picture framing. On average you save between 50-70% doing your own picture framing. Whether you are an artist, photographer or just have things you need to get framed, that is a massive saving.


Satisfaction and creativity

Making your own picture frames is a satisfying and creative hobby. You can create the frames you want, in the colors and sizes you need without having to stick to standard sizes. And how satisfying is putting the frame you made on your wall, making interior decorating affordable and enjoyable.

And as soon as your friends and family find out you can frame, you'll be busy framing for them too.


From saving money to making money

Picture framing is the easiest hobby to progress into a home based business. Basic starter kits are available to get you started, with the ability to easily expand your range of tools and therefore volume of frames.

Picture framing is one of the easiest and cheapest home based businesses to set up. You can start as little or large as you like with a variety of framing kits. The only other thing you'll need is a workbench!