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Feeling Groovy..... V-groovy!

Posted by Martine Leete on

Let’s get groovy and talk v-grooving. I think double mats look great and give images that extra bit of depth.


But it is extra work and an extra mat to cut. A different, and I think pretty effective way to also create a similar effect is to ‘V-groove’ it. It also means you can keep your cost down a little as you’re only using one sheet of mat board, not two.


But, I hear you say, what’s a v-groove? A v-groove is a v shape taken out of the mat board at an equal distance around the image you’re framing. Clever… but how? I use a v-grooving tool (the GrooveMaster) – a tool that cuts a V shape out of the mat board exposing a white line in your mat board. It slots into the FrameCo rulers so its easy to use. It also comes with a corner width gauge to measure your distance from the bevel of the mat.


Why do you want to put a v-groove into your mat board? It’s a great way to draw the eye into the picture that you’re framing. You have to cut the mat first of course. I generally put the v-groove about a third from the inside of the mat, but that’s not a rule, just a suggestion J


Now, if you want to get really creative you can do a double v-groove…. Here’s one I’m in the process of cutting. You should be able to see the pencil lines I’ve put on there with the corner gauge.


A double v-groove and a close up


Happy v-grooving!

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