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A little 'how to' on Clamping and Joining a frame

Posted by Martine Leete on

I want to run you through the basics of how to clamp and join a picture frame and give you some hints and tips along the way. It really isn't hard to do, especially with a little help from your local molding supplier. I would recommend that if you're just starting to do your own picture framing visit your local molding supplier with your frame measurements and get them to cut your frame for you.


Lets look at the "ingredients" we'll need:

  • 4 Pieces of molding
  • Vnails (they come in different sizes, the size you use depends on the size of the frame. 7mm and 10mm are most popular)
  • Strap Clamp to hold your frame together
  • Some pva wood glue
  • A Pushmaster - to pop those little v-nails into the corners of your frame

Got your bits together, lets get started. A little tip I picked up - if you're using a black or brown frame get a whiteboard marker (NOT a permanent marker!) and outline the corners. That way if your corners are slightly out it'll be really hard to see! :)


Now, for the joining bit....


Lay your 4 pieces of moulding face side up on a flat surface. Not all framers do but I would pop a little bit of pva wood glue in each of the corners. 

Position the clamp loosely around the frame, adjust the molding so it looks straight and tighten your clamp. (I'd keep aligning the corners all the way).

Turn your frame over, and insert a v-nail in each of your corners - one near the rebate and one about 3/4 of the way out. I've marked the approximate positions in the picture below.

Yay, that's it, you've joined your frame! You are ready to put your glass, mat, image and backing in..... But we'll make that for another blog ;)


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