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Why do your own picture framing?

Posted by Martine Leete on

I get asked this question a lot.... Why should I do my own framing?


My name is Martine, and together with my husband Matthew we run, supplying picture framing tools to the American and Canadian market. Passionate about teaching you to do your own framing I want to share different framing techniques, help you out with all things picture framing and give you useful framing information. Let me know if there's anything specific I can write about to help you and all fellow framers!


I've been working in the picture framing industry for the past 12 years. I never thought I'd be able to do my own framing, and how much I'd get out of it (apart from a husband and 3 kids!). I'm also passionate about photography, so I'll be sharing different ways of displaying your photos.


So, back to the question. The obvious answer of course is saving 'Money'. Obvious, but important! Especially if you're an artist and you want to sell your work. Saving every dime is a must! If you are selling your work, your customers want quality.


But I think a very close second comes 'Satisfaction'. You've taken a great shot, painted an amazing picture - what better way to finish it of than to frame it yourself. You are free to choose your own molding and frame it exactly how you want to, to the size you need to. And putting your time and effort into framing your image shows, and will help sell your work.


Of course you can go 'shop bought' but you tend to find standard sizes only, and they tend to not look great for long.


My last reason would be 'Business'. "Why" do you ask? As soon as my friends found out I was working in the framing industry I had art and pictures popping out the woodwork from all over the place. And actually, as setting up a business for yourself goes, your set up costs are minimal. I love talking to customers about the variety of things they want to get framed (we get some great ones!), but I think that deserves it's own blog.


There are many different ways to go about doing your own framing, and how much of it you want to do yourself. Have a chat to your local framing material supplier, quite often they will offer you a Chop Service and cut your molding and glass for you. Then all you have to do is put it all together with a Pushmaster and Strap Clamp. Have a look at these videos to get a better idea of what I'm talking about.


I want to cover cutting your own mats too, but that's another blog.


I hope that helps you decide whether you too want to do your own framing!

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